Sunday, March 29, 2009


I should have posted this this morning instead of tonight but better late then never.
Happy Birthday girls!
You both bring light and happiness to my life!!


I love watching my once little boys interact with their children. It makes me think we did something right. Both Jeremy and Nicholas are great Dads as you can see by the next few pictures.


We spent alot of time just playing in the sand. The kids loved it. The beach in front of the house was quiet and perfect. We had it all to ourselves. The kids did so well playing together.


There are lots of beach vendors in Rocky Point. If you make a mistake on buying one thing then word travels fast and they all show up at your door. We did buy a few things. All us girls got these sundresses, even me.

Some of us got the Henna tatoos that last for about two weeks. Kay got a superman symbol with wings on his forearm. I got some flowers on my ankle, Tyler got stars on his chest but somehow we didn't get a picture of him. Josh got one on his back. We sowed some wild oats.

We got the girls hair braided which was very nice for the moms.

They both sat really still

Brandon found a friend who shared his passion for pop.


We spent a lot of time on the beach looking for shells. Especially during low tide. Brandon really enjoyed doing this and found lots of cool shells. He even found lots of live critters still in the shells. We tried to find sand dollars which is my favorite but they were quite elusive this trip.

This one didn't want to give up his shell

As you can see from the last two pictures even the kids had a great time. Uncle Brandons little green bucket was filled up many times.


For awhile now I have been wanting to make a playroom for the grandkids. Tara has been wanting to help me. So we decided since Cambri and Daxon were coming to visit it would be the perfect time. Here are some pictures of the final product.

We took the closet doors off and Kay and Tara put shelfs up. Brandon painted the shelfs. I made the curtains and Tara and Kay made the Valance.
This is my pride and joy. I took an old brown dresser, sanded it down and then painted it. I keep diapers and wipes in the top two drawers, dress up clothes for boys in the 3rd drawer and dress up clothes in the fourth and fifth drawer for the girls.
Tara and I couldn't find any bedding we were thrilled with so we made our own. The print is a circus theme. We made all the curtains and two bedspreads.
We got two old pictur frames from DI and sanded and painted them. Kay put a piece of metal on the frame and then Tara sprayed it with chalkboard paint. This way the kids can put magnetic letters on the board and also color with chalk. To the left you will notice three shelves. The top one holds markers, the second holds chalk, and the third one holds crayons. They are connected by one board that you can't see because it is painted the same color as the walls. This was Tara's brainchild.
This was Tara's idea but Kay created the finished product. The kids can pull the paper down through the frame, create their masterpiece and then tear it off at the bottom to keep. We had a great time creating this room and the grandkids loved it. What else is there.