Sunday, February 17, 2008


So I have three goals that I set for myself this year. None of them are easy but I am determined. The first one is to reach my ideal weight by the time I am fifty. The second is to have my food storage done by 12/31/2008 and last but by no means least, to be out of debt except for my house also by 12/31/2008. I WILL SUCCEED. Yesterday I decided in order to have all my food storage I needed to know what I now have. We have a cellar that is about 8x18 in the back yard. This is where I keep all my storage. It is an unruly mess. So yesterday I got up, pulled my hair up into a ponytail and headed down there. What a job. By the time I was finished all my cans were separated in groups, lots of garbage thrown away and a full accounting was done. Well not a complete accounting. I have several buckets of stuff that is very hard to get to, so that will just be surplus. Anyway if anyone wants oatmeal please feel free to drop by, I have plenty. But now I know what to order and what not and it isn't a frightening experience going down to the cellar. It is very exciting because I realized with all I have now that my goal is very realistic and should be easily obtained if I buy things every month.