Sunday, June 14, 2009


This last weekend Joshua and I met Jeremy and his family at Disneyland. Ashley's parents treated her family to the trip and was gracious enough to let us crash their party. We had a wonderful time. To start the day off we had breakfast with the Disney Princesses. Cambri and her cousins dressed up as a princess it was sooooo cute. While we were eating breakfast four of the princesses walked around the room and visited with all the kids. Below are three Disney clowns not princesses.


Sorry about the blur.





During lunch Daxon made a small error so he was placed in time out. I couldn't resist this picture.


Daxon loves any kind of motorized vehicle. If he sees or hears one of any kind he yells it until someone acknowledges that he has seen or heard it. We were at ToonTown playing on the playground and he spotted this firetruck. He forgot all about anything else and played on the truck for a very long time.


We celebrated Cambri's birthday while we were there. Cambri got some chocolate frosting all over her face. Geee, I wonder how that happened?......Uncle Josh do you know?

Daxon did not want to get his hands dirty.

Farewell Disneyland we had a great time. Thanks Francie and Boyd for letting us join the fun!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Reagan Elise House entered this world on May 23, 2009. I got to go up and stay with Emily and her family on May 24, 2009 and spend a week. Emily acted like she didn't even have a baby. She also didn't look like she had just had a baby.

Reagan has been a great baby. She is already sleeping eight to ten hours a night.

Lorelai loves her little sister. She wants to hold her all of the time but most of the time it is only for three or four seconds.

We are stylin' with the shades!
Reagan needs to be stylin' with shades also.

Lorelai has a new pool and got to try it out for the first time while I was there.

Emily has this great park about twenty minutes from their house. It has these great musical instruments that the kids can play with in one section, a huge area of playground equiptment in another section and then a water play area. Lorelai loves going there. She runs from one area to the other. I had quite a bit of exercise just keeping up with her.

Reagan had her first bath at home. She did pretty good.

I bought the girls some matching dresses. They looked pretty cute in them.

We had a hard time teaching Lorelai how important it was to hold Reagan's head up when she was holding her. Either it wasn't enough.....

...Or way too much.

This is quite a beautiful family.


On one of my days off I got to go and watch Brooklyn have swimming lessons. It was a lot of fun. Everytime Brooklyn completed a task she would look up at me and of course I gave her the appropriate applause. Her teacher did a really nice job. She was very firm but very kind. Brooklyn swam under water through some rings, got a toy off the bottom, jumped off the diving board, swam on her back and floated.

As you can see she was very pleased at the end. Especially when it came time for the licorice.

Addison enjoyed it too or maybe just likes posing for Grandma.


One day after we got home from Rocky Point we went to the train park. They have a really nice playground, picnic tables and trains.

Tara and Jeremy reverted back to their childhood competitive ways and tried to see who could swing the highest. Cambri reaped the rewards.
This really was a happy face.


Fun with Aunt Tara

Who doesn't like a Merry Go Round?
Grandma, As you can see I am not in the pictures. Merry Go Rounds and my stomach do not get along.

The best way to finish a day at the park is with ice cream.

Grandpas special playground.

This is one of my favorite pictures. The parents went to a Diamond Backs game and left the kids with me. We had a group bath and as you can see it was great fun.