Monday, November 12, 2007


So yesterday was our 30th wedding aniversary. We drove up to Sedona and went on a Jeep tour to see all the beautiful red rocks and mountains and then we just bummed around town for awhile. My camera battery died as soon as we got there so I have no pictures to document this grand occasion. We had a steak dinner at our favorite steakhouse and then when we got home Tara and Brandon brought over a scrapbook that had all my children's, children-in-law (I hate that term) and grandchildren, even my new little Lorelai. Everyone old enough to write and even a couple that weren't, wrote us a very nice letter. It was the greatest gift. It really put a great ending to the day. Kay doesn't wear his wedding ring because he said it gets to beat up with all the manual labor he does. So I gave him a Tungsten wedding ring last night. It was too small so I will have to fix that problem but after that he will have his ring. Thanks kids for the book, it was perfect. And thanks Kay for a great 30 years.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Here are my Halloween babies
Lorelai making her halloween debut as a newborn.

Nicholas pretending to be Mr. T, Brooklyn, and Jackie

Okay here's my bag, where's the candy.

Ashley, Daxon, and Cambri

Daxon as Woody from "Toy Story"

Cambri as Jessie from "Toy Story"


I arrived in Boise, Idaho at 3:oo pm on November 3rd to meet my new granddaughter. She is beautiful. This grandmother stuff is great. I haven't got to see much of her eyes yet but what little I have seen they are dark blue. I get to spend a whole week here which I am really looking forward to. Emily acts like she hasn't even had a baby. She is doing great. Preston is great with the baby. Everytime she cries he runs over to see what's wrong. There is a line in the movie "Field of Dreams" where one of the baseball players asks Kevin Costner if this is heaven? That is what I feel like everytime I get to be with my newborn grandkids.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tyler and Football

Tyler played football this year for Red Mountain High School. His team had a winning season of 6 and 3. He did very well. He has now started wrestling. He wrestled an All-american college wrestler the other day in practise and was very proud of himself because he lasted over one minute before being pinned.