Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Only Josh

Josh bought a love sack a long time ago and has been keeping it in Tylers room. Last weekend Josh moved into an apartment that he could now have his love sack. I couldn't resist taking pictures of him trying to load the lovesack into his car. His love sack is as big as a car. It was such an amusing situation I thought I would share.

He is trying to let as much air out as possible thinking this would help somehow.

As you can see it's one of those large items going into little hole.

And now we start pushing...
and pushing...

some pulling...

this is about 1/3

more pushing...

and pushing...

we're almost there

He got it all in. It is coming out the sunroof and not a whole lot of room for Josh plus he can't see except for straight ahead of him. But what difference does that make as long as nothing is on his right side or in back that might be a problem.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Emily tagged me so here I go

Tag: Your Favorites
book: I'll Love you Forever- this is a childrens book and it makes me cry everytime I read it. My kids think I am really silly.
movie: Lake House and Knights Tale
color: Green
T.V Show: I loved the first few years of Designing Women so it is a real treat for me if I find them on reruns.
guilty pleasure: Real popcorn with butter, Cynthia's carmels, reading on a rainy day
outfit: Anything with jeans and that makes me feel thinner
body part: I have great feet!!!!
kitchen tip: always make plenty because you never know who is going to show up for dinner
life lesson: Enjoy your kids when they are little. Learn good financial habits when you are young.
activity: I love to go camping with all my family. Sunday nights when the kids come over and we play games
food: chinese food, shrimp, buttered cherrios, potato chips in milk, meat loaf, and fried chicken
child raising tip: always follow through with a consequence, don't sweat the small stuff, make your home a place the kids and their friends want to come, everyones welcome.
pet peeve: other drivers speeding up when you turn on your blinker so you can't move over into the other lane, people not being honest
game: hand and foot, killer uno, and 10,000
tattoo (imagined or real): I have tatooed eyeliner
element: Water.
I tag Jeremy and Nicholas

Monday, January 21, 2008


Today was Brooklyn's first birthday and we got to go to the Zoo to celebrate. For all of you in Utah, Ohio, and Idaho (he,he, ha, ha,) this is why I live in Arizona. The day was perfect and we had a great time. There were quite a few people there because it was MLK day and everyone was out of school but that's okay it's a big zoo.

As you can see Brooklyn has the best seat in the house.

See the hippo in the background.

Always lots of fun with Grandpa.

Just wanting to be a big girl.

Oh yeah we're cool.

I got a few smiles this time.

Tonight we went out to Nicholas and Jackies for the official birthday celebration. Both sides of the family were there plus lots of friends. Brooklyn has five older cousins and they were very excited about helping Brooklyn with her cake and presents.

Very cute hat but Brooklyn not particularly thrilled with it.

Jackie made her cake. It was very cute. She said Brooklyn picked it out herself.

You mean I get this whole thing?

Uncle Brandon enjoying the festivities.

Mommy and Daddy gave me this great rocking horse.

Brooklyn got plenty of toys and clothes for her birthday. I think all and all it was a very special day for a very special little girl.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tyler Wrestling

Tyler had a wrestling meet tonight so I decided to get some pictures. He had a tournament last weekend in Tucson and I took about 40 pictures but somehow I made them all disappear. He wrestled three matches last weekend and won all three. Tonight he also won continuing his undefeated record. I know the pictures aren't great but it is a little difficult getting good pictures when they are constantly moving.