Saturday, March 29, 2008


We are finally done with school. I am so proud of Kay and what he has accomplished. Last night was his graduation. Now what to do?

Brooklyn is very proud of her grandpa



We celebrated Nicholas birthday on Easter Sunday. Here are some of the highlights.

Grandpa is placing a flower in Brooklyn's hair from the garden.

Pretty sad that Nicholas has to light his own candles.

Ready, Set, Blow

Now that's a lot of smoke. Nicholas you are getting old.

Pretty Cute!!!
Booklyn was helping herself to the food when dinner was over. There was a perfectly good cheesecake right next to her but she chose the ranch dressing. I wonder where she got that from.

Monday, March 24, 2008


The second day of our mini-vacation we went to Pacific Beach and spent a few hours. Tyler was brave and went boogy boarding. Kay and I were content to walk on the beach and look for sand dollars. I love sand dollars and it is a real challenge to find them unbroken. Here is a short clip of Tyler in the ocean. The funny thing about the day was Kay got the most excited about a Taco bell that had a balcony that over looked the ocean.

Tyler boogy boarding. The ocean is about 59 degees.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Last Sunday Tyler and I picked up Kay at the airport (he was in Utah for a seminar for work) and we headed to San Diego. I decided that it has been too long since we had a vacation and while this was only going to be a mini-vacation it would still be a chance to get away. I got a screaming deal on a hotel from so off we went. We had a nice drive there. Tyler has his permit so of course he drove most of the way. I drove once we got just outside San Diego. I decided he wasn't quite ready for California Freeways. We went to dinner once we got there and then went down to see the beach at night. It was beautiful.

First thing Monday morning we headed for Sea World. Now I know most people like Disneyland but my favorite place is Sea World. It was a beautiful day. We couldn't have ordered anythng better. Of course the first place that Tyler and Kay wanted to go was to see the Clydesdale horses that pull the Anheiser-Busch wagon and as you can see below we also were priviledged to see the donkey. I was very disappointed though because the horses would not be parading that day. It was grooming day. They did let us get a picture next to one of them though. How does anyone get on to ride?

Tyler and the Donkey

Next we went to see the penquins. One of my favorites. Kay and Tyer were good sports in trying to keep happy.

Here is a video of the penquin habitat. I loved watching the little ones play and at the end of the video it is obvious who is the boss.

Now for the Beluga whales. They are very cool.

This video is especially for Cambri and all those who love Nemo and Dory. I got to see them in person.

Here is a pretty cool video of a walrus.

Next was Shamu. Here are some of the highlights.

Just for those who love the beauty of nature I added the flamingos. There were some really tall ones.

Now we are at the dolphin show. This one was a little disappointed. It was mostly the trainers dancing.

After we saw the show we went to a place where we could be up close and personal with the dolphins. We had to pay to feed them but that's okay. I tried to get a picture of Tyler petting the dolphins but he wasn't that thrilled with the idea.

Flipper says hi!

We did a really cool thing for dinner. We dined with Shamu. They have a special place that they have a great buffet and they train the whales while you are eating. The pool is right there four feet away. Here are some still pictures and a video. This was Tylers favorite part of the day.

After dinner they had two night time shows. The first one was with the seals and walrus's and they did a spoof on the other shows. It was pretty funny. They really made fun of the trainers of the dolphins. Here are some highlights.

The last of the day was a night time show with Shamu. The music was the best part.

The final event of the night was a fireworks show over Shamu's theater. It was short but good. We had a wonderful day. A much needed break. I hope all of you have been able to enjoy our trip also.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Emily is in town so we decided to have a girls day. The only thing missing that day was Ashley and Cambri. We missed them a lot. Anyway first on the menu was to go get pedicures. When we got there they only had three technicians so the three girls got the pedicures and I got the granddaughters. I think that's a pretty good deal.

Kris, Lorelai, and Brooklyn

Here's the girls being pampered.

Okay Tara is done now Brooklyn thinks it's her turn.

Still waiting.

After the pedicures we went to Tia Rosa's for lunch. We had a great time. Jackie and Brooklyn had to leave us after lunch but the rest of us girls headed to Tempe for some facials. I have had some coupons and a gift certificated for several years that I finally decided to use. It was very nice. My technician also gave me a hand and arm massage. Tara and Emily didn't get that. I guess that was to make up for me not getting a pedicure. We went shopping after the facials. It was a great day for me as a mom and grandma.