Sunday, June 14, 2009


This last weekend Joshua and I met Jeremy and his family at Disneyland. Ashley's parents treated her family to the trip and was gracious enough to let us crash their party. We had a wonderful time. To start the day off we had breakfast with the Disney Princesses. Cambri and her cousins dressed up as a princess it was sooooo cute. While we were eating breakfast four of the princesses walked around the room and visited with all the kids. Below are three Disney clowns not princesses.


Sorry about the blur.





During lunch Daxon made a small error so he was placed in time out. I couldn't resist this picture.


Daxon loves any kind of motorized vehicle. If he sees or hears one of any kind he yells it until someone acknowledges that he has seen or heard it. We were at ToonTown playing on the playground and he spotted this firetruck. He forgot all about anything else and played on the truck for a very long time.


We celebrated Cambri's birthday while we were there. Cambri got some chocolate frosting all over her face. Geee, I wonder how that happened?......Uncle Josh do you know?

Daxon did not want to get his hands dirty.

Farewell Disneyland we had a great time. Thanks Francie and Boyd for letting us join the fun!!!!


gbwhimpey said...

Oh it looks like you guys had so much fun! I would love to do that with my nieces and nephews! I love the pics!

The House's said...

So Fun! I can't wait til we can take the girls to Disneyland!